1/8th chain vs. road chain

How stupid would it be, on a scale of 1 to 10, to run a 1/8th chain on 3/32" chainring and sprocket? Would it be noisy/fall off? Or would it not really matter?

I’ve been riding with a 3/32nd chain for a while, only because i happened to have a chainring that I liked and a 3/32" sprocket to match, and since it’s a converted road bike anyway, I didn’t see much need to change over to track chain.
But… I just busted my chain. Duh. Must have been the amazing brute force of my legs. Or maybe I didn’t join it perfectly. It was a 20 year old chain, whatever.

I’m pretty broke right now, so should I:
a) buy a new 3/32nd chain and hope it’s strong enough
b) buy a 1/8th chain, be a bit of an idiot, and stick it on anyway
c) splash out on a 1/8th chain, a proper track chainring, and a 1/8th sprocket, and have toast for dinner for the rest of the week?

1/8 is no stronger than 3/32.

It broke because it’s 20 years old. Buy a new chain and ride your bike.

BTW, 1/8 chain on 3/32 teeth is fine.

Im running a 1/8 chain on 3/32 chainring and cog. You have to make sure your chain is tight other wise it seems to pop off a lot.

i actually have no idea if it was 20 years old, but it was on the bike when i got it and not much had been changed… i’ll give 1/8th a go and buy a new chainring when i get some money. done!


If you’ve already for 3/32 chainring aned cog, just go and buy a 3/32 chain.

+1, 3/32 chains are much easier to deal with than 1/8th

ok, i’ll stick to 3/32". something doesn’t feel quite right about putting track stuff on a road bike anyway.

that said, I thought the point of 1/8th chain was that it’s stronger/more rigid, especially for skids etc…

It’s not true. 1/8 is no stronger than 3/32. The pins are just slightly wider.

1/8 is just an older standard. And there’s really bugger all difference between ‘track’ stuff and ‘road’ stuff. Don’t worry about it. Just ride your bike.

haha I don’t think chain manufacturers ever envisaged their products requiring strength for skidding… :evil:

Robbie McEwen rides 3/32 without breaking them too often - that’s good enough for me. Oh for the power to bust chains. Broke one the other day, but that is because I was a twat of a mechanic and did a crap job of joining it.

Chains really only break when you join them without a quick link, or just busted arse old.

well that’s me on both counts.

i put a 1/8th chain on, in the end, and compared to my old worn out one it feels heaps more “solid” when slowing down/mashing hills/skidding etc. that said, i’ve got it on with more tension than before, which is probably most of the difference.
The side-to-side movement of the links is pretty minor when it’s on tight, so i’m going to run with the theory that there’s less overall friction now, since the links barely touch the sides of the chainring. hah! good theory?

or when used on a suitable chain, don’t know how to use a chain breaker…

Any reason I cannot use a spare 3/32 ‘track’ chain on an 8 or 7 speed roadie?
The difference is in the sprockets, is it not?

If it’s a singlespeed chain it won’t have the lateral flexibility.

They’re also usually shorter, might not have enough links.

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