1" headset - finest, cheapest

I need to replace the headset on my trusty commuter - would like a king but funds are low so are there any good, sealed bearing headsets that fly under the radar, that are also pretty cheap? I have previously used King, DA & FSA.


Threaded or ahead?


sorry - threaded.

Bang for buck the sealed bbb one is pretty good. Online for not much

Good call. Thanks!

If you’ve used DA I’m guessing it’s threaded. Cane Creek 110 and never buy another. Or Recordif you’re a traditionalist. Budget? This Tokenhas needle bearings, which are a good thing and it’s cheap. Sealed bearings and a split crown race? Weirdo? Tange/IRD NeedL BlastR hybrid.

$30 ish is current budget, so the BBB or Token,BBB is slightly cheaper.

Doesn’t Droz have one for sale?

Yah. New in the box, no-name but worked well on the other bike i used one on.

Yep, Tange Falcon’s are quite good, happy with mine.

I’ve also got a brand new VO one you can have for a long neck of that quiet deeds vanilla porter.

silver or black?>

Headset is silver. Beer is more of a brown colour.

are the VO headsets sealed bearing? If so - it’s a done deal*

*quiet deeds may not be in stock - but will choose a suitably fine beer.

Hmm, I don’t think it is.
Pretty sure it’s this one: VO Alloy Headset, JIS - Headsets - Components
Will check tonight and report back.

My one is sealed. It’s shiny and silver and modern looking.

The cheap VO one is cup and cone, and for double the price you can get a sealed version.

I got a sealed bearing something or other off eBay for $37. Had a slight problem with the crown race bit the dude sent me another one out super quick. Mine is black.

To get the nomenclature correct:
Sealed == cartridge
Cartridge == sealed

You can have a sealed loose ball and an unsealed cartridge. But cartridge are almost always sealed and cheap loose ball are normally unsealed.