$1 Serotta SS

Serotta 29er single speed mountain bike! (eBay item 280656343373 end time 14-Apr-11 23:27:53 AEST) : Sport

woo nice …what size do you think it is? i dont think he mentioned

holy shit. want

XTR rim brakes, could have put discs on it but decided against them as these stop just as well or better!

What? I call bullshit.

I dunno man, V’s can be fucking amazing.

We should have a stopping competition one day then.
And I’ve only got juicy 3’s.

you should buy me the bike and if i can stop it everyone’s a winner!

I’m stopped right now! You lose, sucker!

I really like this- wait a second you’re tall mckenny what size is it?

i’ve asked for the seller for the size. i find it difficult to tell from pics with a 29er…

XTR v-brakes are the bomb until the wheel buckles. The photos for that listing are abominable.

stupid single speed converter…

I don’t think it can take disc brakes I don’t see any tabs on the back and v-brakes are for retro grouches disc brakes are the way to go. Just take a muddy ride with v’s and tell me that disc’s aren’t better.

something about this seems fishy. the frame is probably worth 2.5k alone and as rcoh mentioned, those photos are a joke.

Meh, titanium’s not the holy grail you know… :slight_smile:

With Slinky and MrDylan on this one. Disc brakes shit all over V-brakes.

Just wait and watch all the CX bikes will be changing over to them now that UCI has allowed them.

frame is ‘pretty much 58cm square but has a 61cm top tube’ if anyone’s interested.

Completely agree, but I just think that a really good set of v’s, properly set up, can still be great.

FWIW, it went for $620.