1" threaded headsets... info needed

any that have seen my various other threads will know that I recently got a cheap single speed off the Bay…

old skool 27" 10 speed turned into a single speed running 52/17

there are a couple of things that I am planning on doing to it…

new wheels… or at least rear flip flop hub… really want to try fixed :smiley:

new bars… moustache maybe

now the reason for this thread…

headset… has at the moment an old rusting chromed 1" threaded (so I was told by a Cameron (?) at Corsa)

I know nothing of threaded headsets… been using threadless on mtb’s for ages

if I find one that is listed on the Bay as being 1" threaded… what diff should it matter to me if it is English threaded or whatever ??? does the fork stem (?) thread into it at all or what ??? etc etc etc

have not been able to come across any decent visual breakdown of the makeup of the threaded headset and what one needs to do and take into account when replacing just the headset

so… any pointers would be greatly appreciated

cheers T

"All question will be answered, all fears will be allayed, with one incontrovertible demonstration. "


This page is the one you want: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/headsets.html

And this: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/cribsheet-headsets.html

ISO wont fit JIS, and English wont fit French (rare as). It’ll probably be ISO or JIS. Get out the verniers!

seen the sheldon stuff… that is why I am a little confused and there is no sectional view of the headset assembly

@familyguy… but doesn’t he say tho’ about the ISO, JIS, Italian, French and Raleigh…

"Interchangeability note:
These 5 sizes of forks
and headsets
all fit the same frames,

since the head tube
size is the same."

came across a brilliant Rusky site that has all of the major bike books as pdf’s… not sure of it’s legality :-o

^ I’m not so convinced about that interchangeability quote because the JIS cup outside diameter is .2mm less. That is insufficient for an interference fit - IME you can push it in with your hand and there is almost no resistance - the cup falls out if bumped. On ‘older or lower quality frames’ they probably had thicker steel head tubes requiring a smaller cup OD. They all fit the same fork though, but not the same fork crown.

Chances are you want ISO.

Do I have to ask for a link to that site?

PM sent… :smiley:

If you aren’t after some expensive NJS or Chris King part, maybe just take it to your LBS and get them to replace it.

reviving this thread cos i just had my own interchangeability issue regarding using a JIS headset instead of ISO and thought i’d save others from the extra time/worry working it out.

sanesteban is right, the JIS cups just fall out and the crown race doesnt fit as snug, but once everything is tightened it seems to work with no play between the fork and frame.

so my conclusion is that yes JIS can be used in place of ISO, the .2mm difference isn’t enough to be a problem. Not sure about the other way around, i can’t imagine squezzing ISO cups into a JIS headtube is healthy.

hopefully i don’t end up eating my words and smashing my teeth in the next few months of riding :slight_smile:

Slightly off-topic… I don’t know if this has just been my experience… but any ‘LBS’ in Adelaide NEVER have anything to do with old bikes. Source your own parts. And just get the right size :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit up the more urban cycling/ fixed gear specific stores in Adelaide. Calling Jolan…

Star Cycles at Elizabeth have heaps of NOS out the back, including steel frames both road and track.

Go see Sam and Emily at Treadly. Seriously. They’ll help you out or point you in the right direction. Super nice people.

As for Elizabeth Star, good luck getting out the “back” of that place. I’ve heard rumours of amazing stuff out there, but have never seen anything.

Actually they had NOS Shimano 600 brakes they wouldn’t sell me.

The older guy at Star is usually the best to talk to about their mythical cave of goodness, he is however reluctant to sell NOS track frames (I think they were branded “Vortex” back in the day) unless you race, hence my fat arse couldn’t nab one. He did offer me a NOS road frame/fork for $80. Might consider for my next build. I saw a complete NOS Shimano 600 groupset out there but it wasn’t for sale :frowning: