$10.00 Ebay Voucher

I have a $10.00 voucher to use on something on eBay (no minimum spend) so I am thinking of just getting something random… possibly from china. Help me spend free money.


How about 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars?

^^ yep.


wonder if I can get it in 1’s

I was going to say something along the lines of ‘isn’t that just a physical reminder of the economic and social duress of a country’…

…then realised ‘something random… possibly from china’ was just the same.

I’d get something with free shipping

i just bought one. i need this in my life

I think I got one too but deleted the email like I do with most eBay crap…

Yeah I deleted mine too wasn’t sure if someone or not the url was .e.com or something like that

Was from PayPal@e.paypal.com

Nano quadcopters are fun

Just the bumpers, not the quad copter itself.

First thing I thought was one of these helicopters. Second was sea monkeys.

oops you’re right, sorry Ezy - was reading it too quick

It’s getting off topic, but, if you wanna good quad get one of these - http://www.banggood.com/New-Version-Upgraded-Hubsan-X4-V2-H107L-2_4G-4CH-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-71838.html

thi si what’s happening when i tried to buy the Zimbabwe money! D’Oh!

Paypal saying my ‘discount’ is not linked to the paypal account - but it is. $7 down the drain.

Be wary.


Bacon Scented Mustache

You’ve just made a Nigerian prince $7 richer haha