10-speed Dyna-Sys cassette with 10-speed road components?

Bit of a simple question, I’ve read a bit that the 10-speed Dyna-Sys MTB stuff from Shimano is not compatible at all with 10-speed road components. But I can’t work out why- since the freehub body width on both the road and mtb is the same, and presumably the sprockets are spaced equally.
Of course the chain wrap capacity is a separate issue, but I think it’s agreed it’s possible to run a 32T cassette on a 6700/7900 groupset. I think…

I’ve noticed you can get a Tiagra cassette with a 30T now which almost gets there.

RD-7900 has a stated max sprocket of 28, but people have successfully used 32T max sprockets on DA/Ultegra/105 short cage mechs, axle to hanger distance is the deciding factor.

You don’t need dynasys for this, SRAM wide range 10sp road cassettes have been on the market for ages.