'10 ways to make your road bike faster' article

Hilarious stupid article, not sure if April Fools arrives early in the UK:
Basically we should all get clip on TT bars, ride with 200 PSI, and throw away our useless 11-28T cassettes to a proper ‘close ratio block’

Workshop: 10 Ways To Make Your Road Bike Faster - BikeRadar

#11. Ride it more.

i really don’t see much wrong with this… just some fairly obvious tips on setting up a roadie for time trialling.

and it doesn’t say to ride with 200psi, in fact it points out specifically that high pressures are often worse than lower!

get brendan to ride it. worked for me!

Clearly not a serious article, they didn’t mention anything about wearing matching team kit or the appropriate pre-race beverage choice.

or only ride downhill.

with a tailwind.

They forgot ‘paint it red’.

pedal faster?