$100 Ken Newcastle

road bike cheap | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Newcastle Area - Maryland 2287

Get Lucky.

I’m having a go, was going to go up and see my Nan anyway so why not hook up a sweet lo-pro at the same time.

Damn! Was gonna do the same next week when im over east ha ha

Will see if it fits, otherwise I’ll pass it on to someone in Syd.

Let me know how you go! I’ll be well keen to grab it off you if you get it/pass it on. Like i said, ill be over next week so can pick up/whatevs!

looks your size too henri

Anyone get it?

Douchebag Newcastlers. Sold it from under me after repeatedly assuring me he would hold til Sunday.

Kids these days…

douchebags from newy are called called nova₪₪₪₪strians.