100 Posts Club

With this post, I am now on 100!!!

The secret of my success, is being very f-ing bored in every airport in Asia-Pacific, thus having time to post alot. The best part, is that I save the www.fixed.org.au to every favourites section on all the qantas club computers.

Cheers to all the lads I have ridden with in Melbourne, and all the lads I will ride with in Brisbane. Melbourne…beware…we may have the 'Rhinos Gone" party on Friday 10th…coming soon.

Also, would anyone be interested in a SATURDAY NIGHT ride this weekend, as I don’t fly in till 9am and will miss the fixie ride. Carparks, some beers, chaos and some laughs are a must…


my bike and I might have to take a cheap YHA trip to a couple of other capitals to ride around and attend a group fixed ride!

During the holidays…

  • Joel

good job rhino,

i crown you the FIRST EVER Mr Fixed.org.au

we’ll be sending a photographer around soon.

as for saturday night. i am there for sure. i cant make the morning ride, as i’m teaching a course at the CAE saturday morning/day…


I could be persuaded for Saturday night.

You could stop by in the morning for a coffee with Rogaine too.

Well, I am flying back from Taiwan, and keen for a ride around the town. No real plan or idea, but would be good for a cruise.

853…welcome to the 100 club!!! :smiley:

I’ll always be in your shadow.

Tomacropod is almost there…


I’m happy now! I feel part of the gang!!

Welcome…next stop, 200.

I’ve been catching you…Perhaps I’ll over take…

Done…the last 100 have been easy to get to, with more people posting and the community getting bigger more and more stuff needs to be said. We have achieved alot over the past month…the t-shirts, track meets and rides, as well as slowly spread the fixed.org.au word.

It amazing that a lack of gears and brakes on bikes has bought us all together.


It’s also been easy to get to because you post meaningless garbage to bump up the post count;)

It’s also been easy to get to because you post meaningless garbage to bump up the post count;)

and with that, the rhino has gone!!

awww rhino, dont take it to heart…

come back!





Well … it took awhile.

But finally got there.