$100 roadie, Possible Atlanta 96's

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Worth checkin out for the wheelset perhaps?

What groupset is that?

Rx100? Don’t think they’re atlanta’s… Deep V at best.

THe decal on the rear looks lie it says atlanta on it.

Considering it has a Atlanta 96 decal visible on the rear I’m just taking a punt that they are, in fact, Atlanda 96s.

EDIT: SNAP! Erle bet me to the punch.

(… that is one butt ugly bike)

So tempted for the parts.

fuck it, it’s only $100…

But I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any money on bikes in August!

Im picking it up tonight, thanks dave.

No worries, worth it for the running gear I’d say.

JLN ,I must admit when I spotted it I ummed and ahhed for about an hour on whether to ring up or not and decided I really need to sell some stuff (bikes) before I purchase more stuff for my crammed parts bin. Hence the post here so other peeps could go through the temptation process.

Nice work.

If you wanna get rid of the brifters, front and rear derailleurs and cranks cheap, let me know.

Yeah, I just want a more modern groupset for my road or 'cross bike, but I had no idea what was on this and wasn’t really allowed to buy it anyway.

The shifters may be up for grabs. Franken bike to come watch this space…

I call first dibs.

way to curb your enthusiasm Dave! you’ll break one day on the next bargain! :slight_smile:


Please explain?

Bugger, I noticed info about wheels etc had been added since I posted last night.

I spoke to the guy this morning and told him I wanted the bike and I was happy to direct debit a deposit and fix the rest up in the evening. He said it wasn’t necessary and that I could pick it up tonight and pay cash. I then got a text from him saying he had sold it. Sad face


What a stooger. That is poor gumtree form.

You should give him a hug.