$100 SE Lager porteur

So I’ve been back and forward between Warrnambool and Melbourne on family business and I was getting tired of lugging my road bike back and forth. Decided I needed something that will live in Warrnambool majority of the time until all my business is sorted. Got the frame at a garage sale in Warrnambool, few parts from buy/sell pages and helpful forum members, and a few marketing samples from a mate in the Reid office that couldn’t be sold. Just scrapped under the $100 mark.

^ This rules.

Yep. Haven’t seen $100 so well spent in a long time.

so much goodness for $100

Cheers guys, I’ll have to get it into the bike tag scene when I get it back to Melburn

love that the $100 bike still has a garmin. #stravaoritneverhappened!

Nice bike mate!

Can’t leave home without the Garmin, even if it is just to the shop. Hell of a lot neater than a wired bike computer too.


Nice one. Just enough room under those calipers then? So long as the tyres don’t get wet :wink:

Just squeezed in with room to spare. Tyres are 28s, got a pair of 25s to put on to get a little bit more clearance :smiley:

This is awesome!!

I recently made a very similar bike from a $20 repco superlite frame and all my spare parts.

This is rad, I had a full old-timey porteur with fenders etc made from a KHS frame ages ago.

Well used $100.

I was all ready to press the buy button for $100…

Sorry mate, wrong section :stuck_out_tongue: