100 years at the Tourmalet

Cool pics … the first pic closely resembles my climbing style :stuck_out_tongue:

100 ans de Tourmalet - L’EQUIPE MAGAZINE

that looks like my climbing style and my commute to work

The helmetless descents on gravel are the one that have me freaked out!

Some of those photo locations are still easily identifiable.

I rode the Centenaire du Tourmalet brevet a couple of weeks ago, 1000 km in 75 hours from the hotel where the very first Tour de France started to Lourdes. It was topped off with a 100 km ride to the top of the Tourmalet and back, before the pros raced that afternoon. It was bedlam at the top. Sean Kelly and a friend were there, having ridden up on 1910 racing bikes with appropriate attire. Chapeau to those who could manage a fixed gear up long constant 7-9% grades, I found the last few kilometres up the easier side quite tough even with a triple.

Chapeau to you!