1000th post

Well well…looks like I made the 1000th post on the forum…and a good one as well, the start of a thread on skidding…

I once saw the GONZ do a no-handed skid down a street, steering with his lower torso on the handlebars…it looked very cool.


I saw a guy do a huge long skid on Friday night. The last 20 metres or more (I’m hopeless at judging distance) was no handed.

Looked like he was being crucified on a bike.

A mate in San Fran can pull no hands and light a cigarette skidding.

I dont smoke so havent tried it…


There were a couple at the Vic Market last night that clocked 20M up, then went round a corner and another 10 after that.

Only one was attempted no handed.

The bitumen bit him then!!