101 Wankers

A girl in London is compiling a ‘Wankermap’. It’s rather amusing in parts, but appaling to see how she gets treated, and especially it seems due to being a female. The world is full of sexist pigs…
A Hundred and One Wankers

That is pretty funny. True about the drivers though - what twats.

I complained about a bus driver who ran a poor cyclist off the road one day and forced him onto the footpath. Apparently he’ll get ‘supervised’ for a period of time… whatever that means it sounds lame for almost killing someone.

This is fantastic. I’ve always wanted to photograph drivers who almost kill me and put the pics up somewhere. CDK, sounds like the driver getting 'supervised" is shorthand for fobbing you off- I’ve been told this before too

What a fantastic idea. There seem to be a lot less female cyclists on our roads than guys. I assume that’s because of the extra abuse and grief that they have to put up with (at this point one of my lady friends would say “hello?!, oh D’uh!”). Its hard enough being a bloke commuting on the roads, in order to be a female bike commuter you must have to be quite heroic.

I clicked here just to see if I made in on the list :frowning:

It’s not that different to how Male cyclist get treated in London when I lived there you just assumed that white van men want to kill you and that pikey kids will throw somthing at you. I had tennis balls, bottles, bags of garbage, rocks, pennies, fruit and the odd snow ball throw at me your just glad they don’t push you off you bike and rob you. Just ask Andy what it’s like to work on a bike there.