108th Paris Roubaix

Sunday 11th April.

SBS starts coverage at 10pm and goes through until 1:30am.

Who’s bagging the party?

I’ve been trying to work out the logistics of having a gathering for this, with rollers / trainers etc, but no venue that doesn’t have a sleeping other half that would get quite sh1tty.

I am totes down for having the venue allthough i only have an average sized tv though sounds like lots of fun : )

if there is no other venue :smiley:

Whats the plan? Roller racing yeah? And lots of beer I hope

Mr Harry Patches said was hinting he will have roubaix at his. I shall double check with him tomorrow. He also now has his skatepark in the backyard nearly finished. Awwww yeah!


Apparently Robbie McEwan is having a crack at the cobbles this year. Interesting

I thought he was only racing support?