10th anniversary

So c’mon. Are we doing anything? Fireside at Ashwood if nothing else.

Or inner suburbs brewery-pub crawl?

Can I request it ends in an inner city park or garden?

So I can join you all.

yeah, likely to finish somewhere central. I’m having to fkn work that day :frowning: but going to try & organise a swap with someone.

who’s got suggestions for a nice ride somewhere?!

Going out on a limb and suggesting finishing at HSV. coz track, coz good spot on the deck, coz close to northside mafia (aka MikeD)

some strong links to FOA there as well

will that be free and cool for us drink BYO on a sunday?

This is a great suggestion, but yeah, dependent on availability.

yep, HSV would be pretty good.

Good ol’ fashion TDB and TTTT but more like HSVTT?

you know whats up.
maybe not the full TDB (depending on attendees, start location, etc) but defs the HSVTT

start location will be fed sq, b/c WNR.

ok, how do ppl feel about meeting at Fed Square, rolling up to HSV to ogle the enormous new clubrooms, cut a few laps if there’s no racing & you feel like having a blast, before rolling back south to Edi Gardens for beers?

I’ll be working as I can’t get out of my shift & need the money at the moment, so I’d LOVE it if there could be a full noise skiiiiiid-by past Pope Joan on the way to Edi Gardens!! I’ve requested to finish early if we’re quiet, so fingers crossed!

Anyway, let’s lock in an actual plan TODAY!

DON’T FORGET, THERE’S FREE BEERS AND A FRAME TO BE WON!! plus it’ll be fun obviously.

What was the date again? Soz, forgot.


the weather forecast seems to indicate something undercover might be smart.

yeah, this Sunday jamesy.

LAM - you might be right, I was kinda just hoping the forecast would change… any ideas??

I reckon if it pisses down we should just celebrate the best part of FOA with supreme banter at the pub!

FOA in real time IRL

Band Rotunda

TC - I kinda like the idea of smashing around on fixies in the pissing rain.

Was coming on here to post something similar to what Rolly suggested. Happy to ‘lead’ the ride if no-one else volunteers.
If it rains there are sufficient pubs between Pope Joan (which we are required to pass, lest rolly kick the cord out on us) and Eddy Gardens.

Also theres numerous chips/snack/beer providers near our route.

Meet at 12:45 for a 1pm rollout? Probs be at the Gardens ~2:30-3.

Jeeze - any other weekend and I’d be in - for WNR sakes if nothing else. Away for cup weekend dammit.

I can loiter there looking antisocial and wait for the rest of you.

Although probs some stupid wedding or shit on.