127MPH with video

127mph With The Forks Back To Front - José Meiffret’s Record / SportPursuit | SportPursuit.com

Should he contact the car, his wheels would buck him off. Should he drop back, the turbulent air would knock him to the ground.

Sounds fun

In 1952, coming out of the corner at the Montlhery track at 80mph, José’s bike entered a speed wobble, and threw him 320ft over the concrete. He was not expected to survive the ordeal - he’d torn his body to shreds, and fractured his skull in 5 separate places (his skull remained slightly dented for the rest of his life).

he looks pretty beat up when the drag him off in the video, almost looks like he lost a hand,

Anyone else notice William Fichtner driving the Merc at 4:54?

That chainring is mental

Modern-day take: Experiments in Speed on Vimeo

Donohou guy makes some hottt frames!

I just came here to post that
@8:15 it sounds like a jet starting up

I just watched EIS, amazing. Came here to post but figured you guys will be all over it.