13 Reasons Why the Fixies Fad Should End Now!




Pretty much sums up how I feel about the scene… :mrgreen:

I liked the ‘this is manly’ point lol

Where do I go to get the time back I spent reading that? :?

I hate teh internetz.

Seeing this made it all worth while.

the ‘one less fixie’ sticker was also a highlight.

ahh yawn…were all hipsters, just some are more hip

ah, nostalgia…

my favourite is in the wednesday night ride thread…

george (aka heatseeker): “Are we on tomorrow? You’ll have a couple of newbies if it’s up. We aren’t that quick, I hope we don’t get dropped.”

Hmmm, there was a whole lot tongue in cheek there and I did forget the :wink:.

If that was back in spooky bridge days we dragged the boys to Transport after and even got NDF a bit loose.

I got home from work one day and found my girlfriend at home with a guess-what-I-bought look on her face. She thought it would be a great idea to plaster “one less fixie” stickers all over her riding bag.

i saw this one on BSNYC a while ago, so the dude who wrote this must be taking BSNYC into his on hands. Pfft missinformation overload