$13 Wanted add result.

Picked this old hoffy up today .Rear tyre pumped up but needs a front valve to go.
As far as I can tell and welcome feedback, the seat and bars are the only thing not original.

That’s a nice bike, is it hand painted too? Did you just put and ad in the local paper or something?

It seems I covered up the writing on my post. The bike is an old hoffy and as far as I can tell only the seat, bars and stainless chain aren’t original. If any of you guy’s know different please let me know.

Thanks dectangle . The bike is hand painted except for the decals and in original condition and the add was placed in my local rag. The way the economic crisis is and so soon after xmas , people are looking to offload stuff to pay bill’s.

What did the ad say?

It was in the wanted to buy section : Track bicycle ,complete or parts. Ph…
The guy that had this one said it would suit a juvenile rider ( it,s about 56sq ? ).
Also have another to look at tomorrow. How else do you think the guy’s selling old frames and parts get there’s, along with fake user names on forums seeking out the bargains. Now is the time . There are a lot of people hurting from investment losses and are desperate to get rid of anything they can . And a tip, don’t put bicycles keep it singular cos they will think you are a collector otherwise.

couldn’t afford a new bike? :stuck_out_tongue:

As a matter of fact I can and how exciting will it be when everyone post pics of their new black one from cell ?

Yeah that will be pretty cool. What plans do you have for this one?

Not sure yet , tyres and a service first I guess and ride it.