$1300 for a VISP & Stars combo


Blue, Gold and white fixie | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Menora

But it’s “freshly made. Un-ridin”
Thats gotta be worth an $800 premium.

The silver dildo bar/stem combo totally ruins it.

Also has a conversion for $750 - BARGIN
White, orange , black fixie | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Menora

i saw this and lol’d last night

Fucken bargain. hey Mr Dylan this could be the visp for you.

Fuck that looks alright, if you were a dumb kid with loads of cash and no idea, I could see why you’d buy it.

Whoah you posted whilst I was typing mine, FLAWLESS HIVEMIND

to late suckers i just baught both and paid extra cash just so i could secure them without the hassle of being outbid. i got a $100 discount but i got so excited i had to change my underwear.