After a a few emails, erik has managed to snag ‘NO CASSETTES’ to be premiered next saturday night (AUGUST 8, 2009). A few drinks provided :wink: From all the edits released it looks like a killer good film. Alot of time and effort has gone into the filk and personally i am pumped to see it. Features alot of street riding and fixed gear freestyle. Haters please leave your hate at home. Hope to see you’ll there.



(One of the greatest teasers i’ve seen for any movie genre :-D)

ah sweeet! it my birfday the next day as welll!

So you’ll be going away up the coast for that :?

I’ll be there :smiley:

nope… :smiley: ill b there!

totally there!

I love how they used shots from The Running Man, just hope that it makes its way into the full length feature :-D. Love that movie!

sikk teaser

im in, tho id say a trick contest is in order, winner takes home a free copy of the dvd :wink:

Sweet. I’ll make sure i burn you a copy then nate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry guys and girls, due to shipping problems (again?!) I have to postpone the Australian No Cassettes premiere with a week, it’s going to happen on Saturday 15th now :cry:

stufff youuuu


Now Lochy has to make up some excuse to miss it. Gosh Erik.

It’s on tonight, video starts at 7 so be there before and have some beers and skids, or Coke if that’s what your into.

So tempted. but fixie tricks is against everything I am. :expressionless:

I don’t think it’s all tricks, i’m hoping it’s got a lot more actual riding in it. Down with tricks. :evil: :smiley:

a homo :wink:

No cassettes was epic. best fixed dvd i’ve seen. Its not glammed up like Macaframa (from what i’ve seen). There is a great mix of tricks/ random riding/bombing hills and funny stuff. I will be watching it again and again

… and the soundtrack was unreal!!

Sure if your an African American or love big black dick in you ass BUT you sure as fuck don’t look like a nigger and you wear shorts so you must love big blackies

lol, i assume that was a drunk/bored on train home reply kenny :stuck_out_tongue:

the soundtrack had heaps of different styles of music, A+ from me :smiley:

N-bomb…sheeeeet. Needed to have the Dr Dre song “bitches aint shit” and that buff dude from the trailer. Fave bit was where the dude wet that lady and she was like :x and the dude on the bike was like"KAPOW bitch, now you are for real fucked up, all wet and shit"