$15 coopers slabs

Go to Coles online, they have slabs of coopers red for $15 each. site is running super slow though!

yep, i got 4.they ran out of the $16 slabs of james squire though. hopefully they can actually fullfill the order though

Same. I’m hoping they have to follow through with it though. Sort of like when they incorrectly sticker something at the supermarket.

There is a disclaimer at the start when you register saying that if anything is out of stock they will replace it with an equal product, for the same price or cheaper. We will get something :slight_smile: I got 4, then my girlfriend and her sister got 4 each as well, 12 coming to out house :slight_smile: excellent

Just got 4 x slabs. Bring it coles… Get in me.

Amazing marketing ploy!

Someone has fucked up. The list price is:

Coopers Sparkling Ale Bottle 375mL 24 pack
24 x 375mL Bottle

You click on the link and it says:
Coopers Sparkling Ale Bottle 375mL 24 pack
24 x 375mL Bottle

It is going to be interesting to see if they honour this.

done deal. party this weekend!

Price is back to $46.99 - gutted I missed out on the special.

We got four, too. I’m vaguely interested in knowing what beer would be cheap enough for them to offer as a replacement.

never have i felt such elation and deflation within a short period.

Damn site kept hanging on me last night ! Tried, but no luck…

It’s cheap and has a red sticker. If i wake up to four slabs of fucking tooheys red on my door step tomorrow I’ll be a little pissed off.

SHMBO has told me to refuse delivery if it’s anything less than what we originally purchased.

We apologise that some of the items you ordered are temporarily unavailable. They are indicated on the following list:

Order Item Description Ordered Delivered Substitute Item Description Delivered
Coopers Spark Ale Btl 375ml 4 0 - -

We hope we have not affected any essential plans you have made.

The rest of your order has been prepared. For home delivery, please be at home to accept your delivery. For safety reasons, we will not leave orders unattended. For Click and Collect orders don’t forget to bring along photo identification to the collection point. Please see the Customer Agreement for further information.

There is no charge for out-of-stock items, unless substituted. Please see the tax invoice that comes with your order for details.

I knew it would happen.

They will credit you $15 for your loss / breaking my dreams of almost free beer into little tiny pieces and then shiting on them and lighting it on fire.

dude, really?

i’m still trying to work it out…

Shaved Ham Must Be Obeyed???

Is it the spelling or the sexism that you find offensive?

“We apologise that some of the items you ordered are temporarily unavailable”

To me, this reads like it is going to be back in stock. RAINCHECK!