15 gauge spokes 288 lengths

Anyone know where I can find some 15 gauge straight length spokes please?

Having loads of trouble sourcing some.

Have you tried a bike shop? I find it hard to believe that they can’t order some for you…

EDIT: I just did a Google search for “DT Swiss 15G 288mm” and the first result gave me this:

It took me all of a few seconds to find the spokes you’re after…

Without wanting to start a debate about relative merits, can I ask why 15g straight? DB 14/15 might be more readily available, would build a more durable wheel and still give you skinny in the middle (but would cost a little more, of course).

I know the dude (Andy?) at Kaos in Glenhuntly will cut to length & thread, if you get stuck. Must be others that will do it?

Yes wheelworks I have tried a number of bike stores and none could get them in.
Thank you however for your quick ‘google skills’…their MAD!!!

they’re…sorry couldn’t help it.
did the bike stores actually phone dirtworks?? ie were you there when they did? i’m fairly sure they would have them. if only you needed a box 284mms, i have one.

+1. Bikesportz and Dirtworks both bring in DT Swiss spokes, and Velo Vita are bringing in Sapim spokes. There’s no reason as all why any bike shop wouldn’t be able to order 15G spokes, they’re an off-the-shelf item. Sounds like the shop needs to learn how to find products.

Direct import was the only option I could come up with for a build a year or so back, far from readily available through the LBS system!!

Wow, I’m genuinely surprised that shops don’t seem to be able to get 15G spokes. I’ve never had any troubles ordering them in the past. I know that Bikesportz recently bought a spoke cutter, so hopefully that allows them to keep more types of spoke (ie 15G DT Swiss Champions) in stock.

I know I regularly make stupid posts on this forum but some of these replies are surprising.
I went to a number of LBSs and did not stand around and track the numbers they were dialling on the phone to see who they were calling. I left it to them and then waited for them to get back to me.

I need 40 spokes (36 spoke hub with a few spares). They need to be 15 gauge on the elbow/head due to a small spoke hole that is too small for a 14 gauge.
If any would like to help me find them within Australia I’d appreciate it.

Drill out the hubs, to fit 14/15g DB spoke. Will be your best bet.

You are probably right but remember this thread?

I’ll check for you tomorrow Azz. Where are you located-ish?

  • Joel

^ Brisbane

I don’t see any 15g spokes there. Everything has 2mm (14g) ends.

they will sell them, just have to ask

I found some here with help from someone on another site.
I have 100 x 288 and 100 x 290 arriving in 7 days so if anyone needs some let me know.