15 NOV - Woodridge Skate Park Session

Hey kids,

Myself and Nate are keen as to ride Woody Skatepark on Sunday early morning for a session.
For aynone who hasnt been there is the best park in Brisbane to ride Fixed Gears. Large open spaces and even if your not very confident on the tricks there is a fukin ridiculously big bowl to carve.

Its best to ride the park at like 6:30 til about 9:30-10:00 before it gets mega hot. And gives time to get to polo tournament. Myself and Nate have cars and can pile in like 6/7 bikes in Nates car and can take people in mine. Probably got 7 seats. Erik/Benny are already keen and Ranga Dave will meet us out there. Let us know if you wana join.

maybe keen.

did you end up heading out last night?

Yes, i nearly got stabbed, hense why its daytime when i am venturing back :slight_smile:

hahaha what happened with the near stabbing?

Pics or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

What… no pics?

It SOooooo didn’t happen then…

But… I do have the call register on my phone to the cops. :evil: does that count?

Cool thats like 1min ride from my house. Never seen and fixed freestyle b4.

I should post you guys a pic of what happens to cars at night if they’re left at that park…lol :wink:

Hey, I’m keen if theres still room, what time/where are you guys meeting?

Again this week maybe?