15% off rapha online shop

Got a new code today for 15% off rapha gear from their online store…
Valid for another week

Use ANSWER11 in the coupon slot on the check out
They give free shipping on orders over $150

I totally rate the new pro team kit and pro team gloves!!


So $500.00 becomes $425.00… :slight_smile:

didnt end up getting the rapha kit sugarkane, got the jersey but didn’t like the bibs, the pro weren’t comfy at all, and the standard just seemed to be too expensive for what they were. thanks for the code though, still saved me a couple of monies

I got the STD bibs And the pro teams…

I really like the pro team.
It’s all very subjective though… :wink:

Yeah thought assos was better for the money, still might get the sdt bibs for the summer though :wink:

Lots of krew I know rock the assos stuff
I’m not a fan of their styling but it’s a given that it’s good stuff