15k nago

pretty sure its been up before…

Limited Colnago Futura 2000 Master Pista Track Bike Frame 60cm // Rare 1 of 38 | eBay

i like it. but it won’t fetch a quarter of what they’re asking.

you’d think that maybe, just maybe, they could throw in the seatpost bolt don’t ya?
not to mention complimentary postage.

yeah, i found that funny. at $15k, is a seatpost bolt a concern either way?

These are as old as the hills. I seem to remember one with a starting price well above $15k, possibly even $100k? That seems like madness, I might be wrong.

For the record, I actually quite like the polka dots. I also have a great fondness for steel Colnagos. If these were more terrestrial in their price I’d actually consider it for a moment. As it is these bikes are destined to be wallpaper.

how much did futura get for this?