16 Lot of bikes Big $$

Collection of 16 race bikes Colnago , De Rosa , Masi,Pinarello, Eddy, Olmo | eBay

Christ. So that’s where all the panto’d parts ended up! Still, at over three large a piece, I reckon he might struggle.
What tha, what, what?:

Antman, how are you going to sleep knowing you don’t have De Rosa panto’d Delta brakes?

Dude is dreaming.

Gold plated De Rosa panto’d Delta brakes.

I would have been far more interested in one of Moreno Argentin’s personal bikes:

Ultra rare Moreno Argentin’s personal De Rosa Bike Complete Campagnolo C Record | eBay

Gold plated cover only and not original (done after … probably because they lost their anodizing or were in poor condition).

I’d rather one of Ugo’s ciggie buts from his ashtray than someone’s self appointed Romanian gypsy customized tacky parts.

^ Oh really? That sucks.

…but Ugo’s butts never come up on ebay. (Does that sound like a prank call name, or what?)