I am in…so is Dan and Tristian…same place, same shit time…


see you all there -


Weather looks good for tomorrow, and I am keen for a nice pedal. Where shall we go??

I’ve had this idea for awhile …

If we ever get enough guys on a ride, we could go to some place with some flat land. Hold a quick trackstand comp. $5 a pop, last man standing gets the cash. Ride back … for coffee or whatever.

As for tomorrow … whatever man.


Thanks to all who showed up for the ride. 9 showed up which was the biggest attendance ever. Ride was a slow cruise to williamstown and highlights included:

A puncture in the first 5 min

Some nice looking backwards circles

Bench hopping

a backwards figure eight (anyone can confirm this?)

Tram track riding

Big breakfast in the city


Full link: http://www.fixed.org.au/photos/displayimage.php?album=25&pos=1

Dan was Mr Figure Eight - But he said he could only do half of one…

Rhino promptly reminded him that half a figure eight is a single backward circle … :wink:


Bah, you had me excited at the mention of figure 8’s.

Guess I’ll have to stop going out so long on Friday nights so I can make it to a Saturday ride, after missing the last two.

Its all beers fault.

And you don’t even have me to blame for it either.

What a damm good ride Saturday was.

Best part…$6.80 big breakfast afterwards…