1910/1920 FIXED

Been putting together a new hack, maybe for polo?

Its pre 1920 from what I’ve found out so far, more then likely Pommy.
57x58cm, 44tx20t fixed.

Had to take to the chainwheel to make it 1/8",
as it was a weirdo size like 1/2"x1/2" or something.

Custom 1 off Velocity Aero Teak woodgrain 36h rims.

700x40mm tyres.

I had to repair back together the Brooks B5N saddle on.

Its real comfy to cruze around on with the flat bars, but the original drops
are another story.
I’m not real confident to get out of the saddle up a hill on it though…

any way here’s some pic’s… i’m off to get a tetnus shot :wink:

Finished the build.

will add better pic 2moro with original drop bars

I really really love this bike.

Original bars

:smiley: fuck those drops look like they’ve been married for 50 years…
wood grain looks nice, haven’t liked thoe wood grain on any bike i’ve seen it on, but the rust picks it up well.

Haha, look at that thing. You need to sit it outside for a while and get some cobwebs on it.

Very Nice !!! :wink:

cool man i like it.
howcome you went for such wide tyres?

That IS awesome!!


sick man.