1936 Malvern Star

Hi all, this is my first post so here goes…

I picked this “vintage” Malvern Star up a few weeks back thinking it was probably a 60s bike. Found out that it is actually a top of the line 1936 Racer.

Frame is identical to this one:

Bike has been stripped and sand blasted now, and is currently at the spray painters getting a 2 pak job done in white.

Parts will be:

Velocity Chukker Wheels - White with Black spokes and hubs
Fyxation Session Tyres - Orange
Selle Italia Turbo - White
Odessey Twisted pedals - Orange
Sugino Cranks
Nitto bullhorns
Nitto stem
and more…

Here’s some pics as it was when I bought it.



One question… Why do all that to a vintage frame?

whats wrong with whats hes doing :?

Yeah, fair call!

I’ve been thinking the same thing the last couple of days. But I guess I just like the idea of having something vintage.

I’ll see how it goes once it’s built. I may not like the “relaxed” geometry. If I don’t, all the components can go onto a newer frameset. It may look ordinary with 700c wheels, as the frame is built for 28"! I still need to find a brake caliper with enough reach.

At least the little bit of history will be preserved and I can pass it onto a collector.

Because it’s like dressing up your grandma in American Apparel.

OHHHH shit! hahahaha i just spat my apple all over my screen.


by how the back looks on the frame and how the paint looks period I would have gotten it resprayed too but more like a restoration job to that classic look.

Then it should be dressed in silver/chrome components and nice gum wall tyres.

Thats how I would do it anyway. :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with a hot grandma! lol

Were most of the parts original? If so, this once complete piece of Australian of cycling history deserves more respect.

Shit, I wouldn’t even part out my all original 1976 Raleigh 3 speed pub bike, and thats hardly high end.

Howabout a period correct resto, like the frame you linked too?

Hey Mark B, I’m not parting anything out. The frame will be in the same condition (completely original) as the linked frame once it is resprayed, minus the fancy detailing, which could be added at anytime.

The bike was about 50 - 75% original, missing original rear wheel, brakes, seat, pedals. Like I said I might end up putting the modern components onto a modern frameset.

I appreciate the significance of the bike as part of history, so I wouldn’t think of doing anything permanent to it.

Thanks for the input, I’m getting closer to a modern frame every minute!

2pack paint wont look original especially if you clear it.

You bought it though - So do what you like.

Not every period bike needs of should get a period restoration, and it’s not like what fleagun’s doing isn’t completely reversible anyway if someone wanted to go down that road in the future. The paint looked pretty generic/shit to begin with, and there were no decals so I say give it your best shot and just ride it!

A bigger concern is how gumby it is going to feel running 700s on a 28" frame?

I have the same cranks on my bike, Still dont know what it is though,
Those old style headsets are very hard to come by aswell.
Goodluck with the build and sounds good.

The cranks have a small “BSA” stamped on them. BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) components were used on the early Malvern Stars.

There is some good info on the Canberra Bicycle Museum website, if you haven’t already seen it. http://www.canberrabicyclemuseum.com.au/malvern_star.htm

I have the original headset, but the clamp part was cracked (broken). I’m thinking I’ll get a clamp machined up to match it. Although it’s a bit of a double up in functionality as it uses a quill type stem and threaded tube as well.

I think my cranks are either bsa or williams, but was refering to the frame.
Its dated around the 40s and had no stickers or markings on it.

I also have along reach caliper and promax lever if your interested.
its 8.5 cm from the centre of the pad to the centre of the caliper bolt.

email me a pic of the caliper if you can (or post it on here). Will check it out.


Here you go mate.

$20 posted. PM me if your still interseted.

Sorry fleagun,
no longer availible.

no worries… not sure what I’m going to do with the bike now.