1960'S Cinelli Pista

Frame and Fork: 65-68 Cinelli Pista
Headset: Cinelli Pista steel headset.
Bar: Cinelli pista #14
Stem: Cinelli badged Mod #1
Tape and plugs: Black cloth and original Cinelli bar plugs.
Wheels: Campagnolo pista laced to Fiamme red label.
Tyres: D’Alessandro Tubular.
Cranks: Campagnolo pista 165mm
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo pista 65-109
Seat Post: Campagnolo
Saddle: Cinelli leather unicator.

So this bike was owned and ridden by Multiple Australian champion Kerry Hoole, He placed in almost every race he entered from what i can find in results from 66-76.
This bike when i got it was a mess and had Peugeot stickers.
I have an original head tube badge on the way to finish it off.
Pretty happy with it as i always wanted a 60’s Cinelli pista.

Sic bro. Thanx for the total tease shots too by the way…

Trying to add more photo’s but i can’t edit post for some reason, I get this time to time.

Love the rush to get in on the BOTY voting :wink:

Also: drool.

so gud…

Very nice example of a Cinelli.

Saddle is ace!

151bcd cranks?

Needs some Con Denti’s & she’ll look the part.

Thanks i owe me getting it due to Dubrat passing it up,
The saddle is amazing and all original, you can just make out the original unicantor logo.
Cranks are 151bcd.
It will never get a look in against a Cinelli laser pin haha but i had fun putting it together and it has a great history.



Well go on then, make it official.

Bloody good. Plans to ride it?

damn nice!

Final piece arrived.
No plans of riding this the bb and headset and hubs are all a bit pitted and at 50 years old I think it’s had its days of cycling long ago.

beautiful wall hanger dayne, are you making a pretty display for it?

You gotta ride it!

^ this, he speakith the truth

Lap of a track then look at it every night before you go to sleep.