1968 Pogliaghi WOW

Is nice but huge dollars

POGLIAGHI CHROME TRACK Bicycle 1968 Campagnolo Cinelli PISTA Velodrome Vigorelli | eBay

Fucking American collectors…

Nice but wow thats a lot of money.

Whattaya mean?

I mean they take this collecting business seriously don’t they.

that is an absurd amount of cash.

whack a disc on. Street machine.

Needs to be stripped and salted first…

chucked out in the backyard for a day or two.

Loose change for about 5,000,000 americans.

I’d rather the Baylis with the 6 legged spider.

Spiders have 8 legs.

Pergo’s an old mate of mine. You’ll meet few if any cycling enthusiasts who are as much fun, passionate and able to liven up any party/meeting. I think he’s just fishing (with regard the price) and Blakey’s right about the Baylis (his other listing) being a steal (that looks like real gold leaf).

Perg’s has some incredible bikes, is a deceptively fast rider and is an old VW/Porsche enthusiast too. Lovely guy, knows a lot about bikes and cycling history, old school New Yorker. He’s also the founding member (actually titled the Omnipotent Despot) of the Brooklyn Vintage Velodrome Wheelmen and whilst I was in NYC I was lucky enough to attend and talk the talk when they met up once a month at John’s Pizzeria in the West Village. You’d see some of the most incredible bikes, show and tell was a mind blowing religious experience and after gelati and espresso down the road we’d head for a late night cruise. It was always a motley crew of people and nobody could quite figure out how we all came to know each other until they saw the bikes outside.

Perg’s amongst others taught me a lot. They’s like older brothers passing down the knowledge and get my respect. Fond memories of the day we rode the length of Manhattan scrounging around in every bike shop basement on the Island for hidden treasures. John still does that but on a much bigger scale. Lovely guy and loved by all that know him.

don’t question the Wizard.

hahaha The paint on the bayliss is amazing

its a nice story and everything but yeah im gonna offer you 400

i mean i have to pay rent and the staff and its going to sit around here for a while

chumlee, write him up