1980 Spokesman Mixte Resto Project

Picked this up today,

Frame: 1980 Spokesman mixte frame and fork in a smallish size; still researching info on this make. But have gathered that they are from a Canberra store. Stamped with ‘Made in Japan’. Will research more
Stem: Marked as ‘SG’; I assume Suntour also, but will need to investigate more
Bar: Nitto Moustache
Brakes: Weinman levers to Dia-Compe Calipers. Still in excellent condition.
Shifters: Suntour Power Shift friction shifters; stem mounted. These will probably be the first upgrade to bar-end shifters
Front Derailleur: Suntour-7
Rear Derailleur: Suntour XC
Cranks: Sugino Maxy with triple chainring
Peddles: Old peddles, might try to recover for the original look
Front Wheel: 28" Araya rims with sunshine hubs. Spins true and smooth still.
Rear Wheel: As above. With a 5-speed casette (cactus, will need replacement)
Saddle: Italia touring
Seatpost/Headset/Clamp: Unmarked
-Replace chain, casette,brake pads, cables, tyres etc
-Source some nice bar end shifters
-Work out what I want to do with it!



Cool man, get a set mighty cranks and 1x5 it. I still go those 28c thick slicks bro, would be bas ass as hell!! Wink wink

fenders and a front rack are a given!

i like mixtes, funnily i like em with drops too

Yep, need some fat tyres (thick n slicks not thick enough!) and fenders are on the cards!

Should add:
-Fenders and front dyno light added to the list
-Plus some sort of basket device
-Leather bar tape
-Matchy match leather saddle

I looked into drops before I picked this up. But fell in love with the Nitto moustache style

I got these grand comp centre-pull callipers with an integrated mini rack, looks real sexy but not entirely practical as it’s bloody small. The miss’s loves it, says she ride to work wanting to wave to randoms. 28’s not thick enough! Better start working on that beard dude hey :wink:

What frame is that? I’d love to come check out the brake / rack combo setup you’ve got going!

This guy cool dude, bought a few bits n bits (asked for a deal like an asshole) and he obliged happily. Shoot me a PM if ya wanna pop round, I’m around about midday tomorrow if ya got time. heres a kinda better look

Sweet as. I work 7 days a week at the moment. I’ll hit you up next week, maybe I can swing by after work or something.


I will need to replace the rear casette. Is it easier for me just to buy a cheap rear 6/7/8 speed wheel and cassette and chuck it on in replacement? Will the friction shifts not be able to handle the difference?

The araya/sunshine combo is still spinning nicely. But worried I’ll be over spending to get a compatible 5 speed cassette.

Or can I just take apart a 7 speed cassette I have and put 5 of the cogs on the sunshine hub freewheel?

hope someone understands

brand new 7s screw on free wheels are $20, should fit fine, should be able to source a 6/7/8sp chain for not much online, jobs done