1982 Claud Butler Ladydale

Found at the beardo Abbotsford swap meet for $250 with some issues, after mining the spares bin and the parts of others (Wheelset (thanks Sir Kev!), cassette & shifters (Tris!), new SKS guards (Diddy!), XT mech & stem (Leigh!), bars (Jez!), levers (Commuter! (sorry JLN, they didn’t fit!)) it’s very nearly done.

1982 Spec

1982 Claud Butler Ladydale Catalogue

2012 Spec

Claud Butler Ladydale DS

Cockpit, VO bars, Tektro inverse levers, brass bell

Claud Butler Ladydale Cockpit

RX4.1 levers, brass bell

Claud Butler Ladydale Bell

Sunlite basket with an extra support to stop it rotating

Claud Butler Ladydale rack support

7 Speed RX100 shifters mated to a 6 Speed band on mount

Claud Butler Ladydale Shifters

Super wide range very compact double:

Claud Butler Ladydale Cranks

Panaracer Pasela 28mm tyres on Rigida / Exage wheels

Claud Butler Ladydale rear tyre

Full set: 1982 Claud Butler Ladydale mixte - a set on Flickr

Lovely. The paints a very nice colour too. Looks like a very practical set up.

What’s the gearing? Near sequential, or is there some overlap in the ranges?

I bet you’ll rack a few miles on this when Mrs. Blakey’s not looking :wink:

Super nice work, Blakey.

with those dropouts you could totally turn it into a sweet fixie.

Great work Blakey. Are those cranks sun tour?

Also, I’d like to note the catalogue copy, this bike features an ‘ultra rigid’ rack.

Rigid Sheila.

Nylon coated?

Looking good Blakey

Woah, sorry, I totally forgot to mention Dice’s invaluable role in chauffeuring the bike from Richmond to Brunswick. Legend. I have that 144 BCD chainguard waiting for you too btw.

I wasn’t fishing for a compliment! But thanks Blakey, it was my pleasure. Will try to roll around this week sometime and collect the bashie. Awesome.