1983 Hillman Track bike... stolen from fairfield 11-5-'12

my pride and joy fixie was stolen last night from a mates place in fairfield from around 9:00 till 12:45…

she looks like this
in this picture it has green bar tape… it now has bright as shit red vinyl bar tape that stands out a mile away… helmet ( i won this helmet at escape the suburbs) was also stolen. has bikegene inked into the back of it with whiteout and is covered in old stickers.
and is worth more in a sentimental sense than a material sense, but still worth a lot materially

if anyone finds or sees anything please let me know immediately 0424408743
cheers, Eugene

Shit dude. I think I saw you riding this up Brunswick Street last week, such a nice bike. Only seen one Hillman in that colour. Will definately keep an eye out.

this must be found,
such a nice bike and also the only one i have seen in this colour.

i believe it has miche hubs laced to a rear silver open pro and front miche black tubular,
sugino super mighty (track version) with shimano njs chain ring,
3TTT track bars and stem, with said obnoxious bar tape,
SR laprade seat post with black turbo saddle,
MKS sylvan pedals with generic brown doubles,

Keep an eye out people!

I will get my gold hillman out and about to look for this green hillman.

Way to rub it in HMC! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have emailed all my local bike shops and made a report with police today…
Cheers everyone in advance for keeping a lookout

I’m in the area so I will also keep an eye out for this Hillman on my Hillman.

champion effort man… youll know it if you see it… also if you know anyone in the area who rides, tell em to keep an eye out… cheers man

more pics of frame in the original post your ride thread

fucking sux dude, i love this bike.

i’ll chuck it up on the NSP blog tomorrow to help the cause.

cheers rolly, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

yooo everyone, as rare as it may be… im getting my bike back.
a good friend of mine did some detective work in his local area and found the assholes who stole it… so im getting my bike back tomorrow!
dont know much more than that but i believe he might have known these people.

cheers everyone who kept an eye out and everyone who gave their kind words

Raddest news ever! Now you can sell it to me

see you keep saying that, but it will never happen maaaan :stuck_out_tongue:

Best! Glad to hear it’s making its way back to you buddy. NOW BUY 6 LOCKS!

report to cops? or angry mob on lugged steel and lock the dude up to a pole!

no point, someone will just steal him…

i did tell myself that if i saw them riding my bike i would run over and clothesline them…
bit upset i cant do that now

Ha, don’t be upset. Having your bike back is waaaay better than retribution.

Will you get your helmet? that’s the best part billygene


Well done, though they need to learn a lesson out of this.