1987 French Altec alum whippet project

Lads and ladies

Some may remember this complete I picked up… A French Altec / Stronglight colab. It had a couple of chips in the white paint and I noticed blue anno underneath…

Decided I would build it as light as I can with as many French parts as possible…

Started stripping the paint…

And ended up with this… Not one scratch in the super bright blue anno

Should be fun… Want to get it under 8kg

Paging Blakey and spirito,
I have some Galli hubs you can have, I just remembered i had them.

Not sure if there any good, I have no idea about french gear.

Thanks Dayne but I plan on building Mavic 28h hubs to Wolber profil18 tubulars…

Got this last week…

Great colour, can’t wait to see the finished pics.

Wow … who’d have thought all the ano’d goodness was hidden by paint.

Look forward to seeing this built.

thats great, looking forward to seeing the finished pics
someone was a bit crazy n the coconut to paint over that blue anno!

Watching this thread. Maybe thread can be renamed vintage French weight weenie project?

I thought that the Mavic 300/310 headset would be pretty heavy by the look of it but after research and a fair few differing numbers seems its around 105 grams… I will weigh it when I find the correct tools… If anyone knows of some Mavic 671 and 672 headset tools are please let me know…

What’s the frame and fork weigh?

^ two pairs of multi-grips and some scrap pieces of leather?!

Seriously though, amazing condition after years under paint, nice work stripping!

This is awesome. Drillium EVERYTHING!

That ano is out of control! Such a beautiful colour too. A good thread to keep an eye on no doubt.

Lugged alloy is the new vintage steel.

I wish I did. Nobody that I know has them. Not ideal but I’ve heard of people using lockring plier tools or something similar where a tool has pincer grips which slot well into the grooves … and then you need two of them.

It’s gonna be a little tricky … I’d ask around and see what others suggest is best to use.

Btw, I do hope at some stage you’ll post what Norris Lockley had to say about this frame. Awesome that someone knows the history, even more awesome that you have such a fine looking example.

I have come across a method which uses wire put into each slot the a type of thick cloth wrapped around them and then oil filter wrenches used but not sure on that…

Yes here is Norris’s amazing insight


Well that didn’t work… Try again

Great read.Did any of these Companies Produce the Centurian carbon alloy lugged frames.

New purchase

mixed reviews and reports of breakages but i believe they weight around 40Grams for the pair

hopefully will win these on ebay tonight

188grams for the pair

Always wondered if dubrat meant you were a dub rat. Pretty obvious from the pics :slight_smile: