1989 PDM Concode team bike


1989 CONCORDE PDM team bike Campagnolo C-Record 57cc gc - eBay (item 360291047261 end time Aug-24-10 08:19:00 PDT)

fukkin wow. Any guesses? 1500?

woa, if i owned that i would never sell it

this thing is fucking beautiful.

when i get around to building a roadie i hope it looks as good as this!! i doubt it though…

well over 1500

possibly double that

Yes well over 1500.
The wheelset is so classic

Can’t afford it? Try the replica…
Concorde Bikes PDM Team Replica Road Bike Only

its just not the same is it…

OARRRRRR, Best pr0n I’ve seen in a long time.

Its from here, one of the pest bike p0rn sites


love the internal brakes cables. Just everything about this bike is perfect! That replica is just no way near the same. Considering that a set of those brakes sold for 300usd I hope who ever buys this bike buys it for collection and not parting…

That groupset isn’t just C-Record, it’s Century C-Record.

I doubt it’s going to go even moderately cheap.

Weak in the knees like S.W.V

YouTube - swv-weak

Who wants to buy a few of my bikes?

Pick me! Pick me!

i’ll take the triple-tri bundy…

Something tells me you don’t have anything in a 51cm ST…

wtf, i imagined you as a beast of a man heavymetal. I don’t know how i feel about this.

you should know better than most…heavy metal fans only come in two sizes, extra small/less than 50kg and four-XL/+150kg!


I already have dibs yo.

heavymetal ain’t no metalhead. From what mckenny tells me he is the ANTITHESIS.