1990's Dura Ace Freehub tool

This is a long shot but does any one have the shimano TL-FH10 tool.
It is used to remove early 1990’s dura ace free hubs.
It looks like this

I have a early 90’s Dura Ace hub, which has suddenly sounding pretty rough in the free hub, Cones/Bearing have all very recently been replaced. So I want to try and look inside the freehub.

No one probably cares except me,

But Beach Road Cycles in Melbourne have the tool.

Is this for FH-7400 series hubs? Good to know.

It prob fell out of the roof.

This won’t help if you’re just collecting Shimano tools, but this bicycle research one looks to be the same gig:

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in context:

Bicycle Research Product Wheel Tools

I just bought one, although I don’t have a D-A hub to test it on…

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After I realised you don’t need it anymore derrrr

Yep, the tool is for older Dura Ace hubs, pre-10mm allen key?

Mine is a FH-7403, its got thread for Uni-glide and hyper-glide cassettes!

thanks for the offers and links thou!

My Freehub body gave up the ghost over here in Christchurch NZ (back home for Xmas with my bike) it just started making more and more horrible noises when freewheeling.

So, to my surprise a bike store in town had the tool to remove the freehub and to further my surprise it got one of two of the last replacement bodies from the shimano distributor in NZ, they must have been sitting there for ages! well since 1997 or something.

So if anyone needs a replacement freehub body for their pre-1997 dura ace hub (the threaded freehub body), email these guys:
Bicycle Parts Christchurch, Christchurch Cycle Touring Shop, Bicycle Accessories Christchurch - Cycle Trading Company, Christchurch, New Zealand
oh it cost $130NZ.