1991 24" GT Tequesta - Toowoomba

GT Tequesta Mountain Bike - Mens XL 24" (suit Rebuild or parts) | eBay

Smoky burnt pink, matching stem, triple tri, mostly complete. Cool.

What the fuck is this abomination Blakey?


Longest canti cable drop of all time?

Having misunderstood the title, and looking at the proportions, I originally thought this was a 24" wheel full-size bike. Boy was I surprised when I read the description.
It’s a hideous monster.

if i were the kinda guy who had rad quotes as a sig, this would be my new sig.

Why 24" and not 26"?

It’s a one piece tallbike.

The frame size is 24" H.

Oh shit that’s huge. As in 24" seat tube?
The wheels look teeny tiny

Dude shoulda bought a 29er…


Nice paint. I wonder what parts he thinks are worth taking off it and using elsewhere?

Meh it’s 24" C-T seat tube but it’s 22.5" TT thats only 57cm and given how far the seat tube sticks up past the TT it’s probably effectively 57cm square, and i was getting all excited thinking it was almost big enough for me :"(

I was hoping it would be a 24" BMX. apart from the paintjob that thing is bleh


QFT… but its not like I havent said it aloud and in his presence before.

It’d look real good with some splash tape :wink:

And I have just the right roll for it.

I can see The Jams kicking around on this.

This would be sweet as one of these:

I’m in Toowoomba once a week, so if one of you actually want this for reasons I will never understand I’ll be happy to pick it up, come to your place, punch you in the face, then take it to the tip.

^^ That Sillgey is kick ass