1992 cannondale track stolen outside melbourne central 21/12

right i has my one of a kind 1992 cannondale track stolen yesterday. It has a dark to light blue fade paint job and i am pretty sure there isnt another one painted like it in australia. Its built up a little different then in the picture. It has mavic cxp 22 on formula hubs a njs dura ace seatpost and kashimax saddle and suntour track cranks if you see it for sale anywhere or just see it give me a call or contact the police please
Jeremy 0450176935

Stolen from where? What state?

Unless there is another Melbourne Central I’m guessing Vic :slight_smile:

Whoops, didn’t read the title. Sorry.

oh shit GL! i see this thing parked on flinders street and exhibition all the time…

hope this gets resolved!


Repainted cannondale track on eBay…

Cannondale Track frame early 90s | eBay
this one? it has a different fork though?
could ask who resprayed it and then ring them see if they remember the original colour?

also a ding…was that on your bike?

Different fork…did the OP have the fork as pictured?

Did not check closely enough. My mistake.

hi guys thanks for keeping a loo k out. It was stolen with the forks pictured. It also never had a ding I dont really think it is mine but it is the same size . I dont know i think it would be a bit much to find the original forks repaint it and then give it enough wear to make the paint look more then a month old. But then there are a few questions. Why no headset? and if its the original fork why is the back drilled and front not. Any one on here win it.?

i own a original cannondale track and the rear is drilled straight out of the factory…