1995 53cm chrome cannondale track

i know some ppl are after this frame … not the usual blue

Cannondale Track Bike Vintage 53 NJS Sugino Suntour | eBay

That’s pretty pr0n worthy… in fact, it’s now it that thread.

agreed! i wonder what his reserve is … hmm

so nice!

so small!

Polished aluminium is not chrome.

man that fork looks out of place - but appears in the catalogue!?

I missed one for $400 complete about a month ago dammmn might chase it up i think.

Nice! Pretty pricey tho! I have a 50 which is too small for me but it’s such a fun bike. Hoping to find a bigger one but I think this will be out of my price range!

i was riding a 55cm one a few months ago, tempted to buy it off my mate now!