1inch headset won't stop coming loose

Got a Tange Levin headset on my steel track bike. Even after correct and thorough tightening, it comes loose pretty much straight away. V annoying. Anybody got any pro tips? Is it fucked? Should I just buy a better one?

are you tightening the top nut against the top cup? all washers etc installed?

edit* just to clarify i used to just tighten the top cap thinking thats it and wondered why it always worked itself loose.

i then realized you need to also hold the top bearing cup and tighten against the top cap to secure properly.

NOT THE ______!!!

thread fuxxed on the fork?

Alloy levin headset?

Thanks guise. Yeah Jase, I’m definitely tightening it properly. As for all washers being installed, no idea as it was installed in the frame when I bought it second hand. Gypsy, I’m pretty sure it’s steel but I could be wrong. Tate hmmm, you may be right. If that’s the case I guess it can just be re-faced. TBH that’d prob be quicker and cheaper than buying a new headset.

Your only option is an American Classic Trilock Headset…

…and it just so happens I have one I’m willing to part with.

Have read elsewhere that those can be a bit shit. Apparently American Classic stopped manufacturing them and recommend replacing with Chris King or Cane Creek lol.

^ Mine was fine while it was installed. Their biggest problem is they look like shit.

I’d be taking it to a shop that does a lot of frame-up builds - Commuter/Abbotsford, see what they reckon.

Could be threads on fork, could be threads on headset parts, could be something else random.

Cheap/fast option is to track down a locking nut that has a grub screw/clamp inbuilt to help prevent it undoing, also some blue loctite might help.

edit: that 2nd one was for 1 1/8th threaded.

Hmmm might do that in lieu of inspecting threads. Guess it’s just delaying the inevitable though. Cheers.

JLN bought a 1" headset top nut with a grub screw in it from me a while ago, see if he’s still using it?

Took it to Commuter. Leigh reckons it may have something to do with my fork not having the little groove at the back of the threaded part that is usually there. In any case, tightened the shit out of it (way tighter than usual) and will see how that goes. If it comes loose again, he reckons he can probably create a groove with a grinder. So far so good. Rode for about ten minutes before and still no play.

Loctite it?