1st build up.

Slowly adding to it, going to completely change the frame soon.

got better pics mate? whats with the big threaded bit above the headest under the stem

they’re spacers. same ones came with mine but i chose black

i seeeeee. definately taking a hacksaw to my fork tube lol

Yeah they are spacers mate, I only decided to use them as i wanted my stem height up abit.

epic bars :open_mouth:

yeah its looking pretty good, once u upgrade your frame it’ll look rad.

How can you tell that without knowing what frame he is going to upgrade to?

I think what he is saying is that he thinks this frame looks shit.

If you plan on getting rid of your frame let me know! Looking to build my first soon but still looking for some cheap parts (poor student)

wow is that a spoke card?

There’s something wrong with the idea of upgrading a bike by changing the frame.
Is it the same bike if it has a different frame?
Its reminds me of the description of my grandfather’s axe, “he had it for twenty years - he changed the handle about ten times and the blade at least twice”.

I had the same concern. Maybe this should move to the philosophy thread.

Think of it like your wife: you can buy her new clothes, and she’s the same women. You can even get her to wear the clothes of some other woman, but she’s still your wife. Yet if you get another woman to dress up in your wife’s clothes you absolutely cannot sleep with her and try to get away with saying she’s your wife (even if you keep most of the clothing on!).

Wait… so are her clothes the frame or the components?

Officially now philosophy thread

They think in colours.
Also, transfer parts onto new frame, you have a new bike. This has been discussed on here before.

Theyre deaf not blind. Why is that philistinical

what stem is that?

what bar is that?