1st Bundy fixie

Ex Melbournian now in Wagga Wagga. Converted my old track bike, circa 1988? Jim Bundy hand made frame, Dura-Ace hubs, Dura-Ace head set, Sugino cranks 48x16. Araya rims. Still shows battle scars from the track. Used a Shimano Exage caliper off my old road bike. It’s still a pretty fast bike! Maybe the only fixie in Wagga.

like it, hope you enjoy it on the streets.

I read the title and thought you’d built up the first true BOGAN fix (bundy rum :expressionless: :oops:) so happy when I saw the pics, sexy bike :smiley:

i thought this:

Thanks for the comments, funny thing is i was in Brunswick Street over new years and saw a cool track bike with a brake on it, i thought i could do that. Went to the local Wagga bike shop looking for a brake lever and the guy asked if i was joining the fixed brigade? What are you talking about?

Bike is a bit boring looking, risers anyone think? :? or keep the competizione drops?

Risers will only promote the nonsense that will cause this bike to explode.

It’s true… I once put a set of risers near my bundy and it started shaking and pulsating. I think it’s something that Jim and Pete do during the welding. :roll: