1st track ride

Jjust wanted to thank Rhino for guiing me around Chandler today.
Had a blast and will certainly be back.
That bike of mine will certainly be seeing some riding now that I have lot my fixie cherry. It is only scary until you do it once.
I think I did OK for a rookie.

Nice hat Rhino. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday was good. TR and I arrived at 3pm, and spent a good solid hour rolling around and playing on the banks. TR showed no fear, having maybe spent all of 4 minutes on a fixie before racing some circles, quickly got up to speed with swinging high on the banks, and dropping down hard.

Track racing starts this Tuesday. I have no idea what to expect, but am keen to kick high-gear. For no interest other than mine, I will be rolling around on 47 x 15 tomorrow night…

48/16 (I have no other chainrings or cogs). :smiley: :roll:

47x15 on mine too…