1x setup on 2x carbon crankset

are people running washers so spread the load of the chainring bolts on the carbon tabs? I see raceface offer these

Race Face

but hoping for a cheaper option.

I might be waaaay off here but aren’t those shims just there so you can run your original 2x chainring bolts? Cause their wider to allow for the two rings. I’ve got a race face 1x on force 2x carbon cranks and just used a bunch of spare track/fixay chain ring bolts no dramas.


the shorter bolts are fine, but my concern is that the bolt lips are rather thin, so a lot of force is concentrated in a small area of the crankset tabs. for steel it’s not an issue, but for carbon i’m not too sure.

normally with a double chainring setup, the tab is sandwich between the two steel chainrings, so any stress is spread across the entire tab.

Yeah fair call I spose… Watching with interest.

any thoughts on this folks?

eh, should be fine.
i know what you’re getting at, but putting tab things won’t really spread the load, nor would a pair of chainrings. when you pedal the force isn’t into the plane of the spider, it’s parallel to it (sure there will be forces normal to the applied load, but not many).

provided you do all the bolts up tight and evenly nothings going to break. i ran a 48t blackspire ring on a set of red cranks for yonks, pretty sure those thingss are still going.

failing that, someone call blakey

it’ll go to voicemail… he is currently on the vegetarian fried foods and cat memorabilia of asia tour.


cheers folks. yeah, my concern is the load due to the fasteners, not riding. might just find me some washers and be done.