1x7 issues....advice

i took my new build which has 1x7 , i tried running the front chain ring on he outer tabs but chain-line was all wrong, have put in on the inner tab and better but still comes off, running a 109.5 octolink BB so length shouldn’t be problem. thoujght about running some kind of chain guide or even a mtb bash guard. any advice… tips to running only one on the front.???

Can you run a front derailleur not connected?

I’m planning to run 1 x 6 on my new build. Hope i don’t have this issue.

Is your chain the correct size? Correct length? Chain rings not bent?

I’ve run a few 1x set ups over the years and never had a problem like that.

right ‘speed’ chain yes but not sure about length? is there a a rule?

There are two rules to chain length:

  1. Not too long
  2. Not too short

No matter where your chainring is or how long your chain is you will need some kind of chain retention for the front chainring, it will keep falling off otherwise. A drop stop and bashguard often works, or a bashguard and a reflector bracket, or a derailleur locked out, or a commercial single ring chain guide.

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I am selling this after one ride check the sale section it may work for you if you have a external bb it did not work with my new cranks though.

Paul’s Chain keeper. Simple design, worth a try.

I was running a 1 x 6 and had one of these on the seat tube (cheap on ebay).

and one of these on the outside tab (I had a 130 BCD 42 tooth one I no longer have - thanks Blakey).

The setup worked very well and I never dropped my chain - never lost the tour.

If your not going super hard off road then the set up el brado used works well I have run it and it’s cheap. Abortsford cycles in melbourne has really nice version of this chain keeper not sure of name something like stop jump etc call them.

Probably the N-gear Jump Stop.

That’s it N-Gear: What Is A Jump Stop?