yada yada yada

I moved to a new house, and it’s one hilly hellhole. I got sick of spinning out down hill , and barely being able to make it up hil lwhenever i needed to get anywhere, so i ditched the fixed and brought the derailler back out.

Here it is finished…

Is that front brake caliper from a BMX?
Do you get any weird noises from the chain when crankin it in low gear?

Don’t think so, pretty sure I pulled it off an old hard rubbish bike. Pretty much everything on that bike was free from hardrubbish or mates old bikes. The tektro levers, oury grips, shimano 7speed wheel, even the never used hutchinson tyre was all pulled from hard rubbish. The only thing I paid for was the cranks, the clips and straps and the rear tube.

No weird noises coming from the low gear. Though I never really get that low, or high. It’s a 13-25 cluster, and I mainly just stick with the 15, or 17 for hills.

Nice? That downtube shifter looks good too.
Well done on the recycling.