1x8 12-23cas 40t upfront.

i have put together a 1x8 set up am running 12-23 with 40t up front with a long cage rd.

can i run a greater spread on the back? if so what 11-33 does the rear spread relate to the size of the teeth okn the front? what is everyone else running on their 1x set ups?


Rear derailleurs have a maximum wrap/takeup (total difference, i.e. small/small compared to big-big) and a maximum rear sprocket size (your 23 or 33T). If you keep within those limits (or slightly exceed them) you’ll be fine.

For a long cage, 1x & 11-33 should be a-ok, as it’s designed to work with a triple and a wide range rear.

Check your b-screw adjustment with the new cassette, otherwise you shouldn’t have to adjust anything.

You will need a new chain if it’s currently correctly sized for the 40x12-23.

chain was the one thing i forgot to ask about, the rd is 9(shimano altus, until i get a xl) spd but my trigger shift is 8 spd as is my casette is there much difference in 8/9 spd chains?

Not much, only the outer width varies. If an 8sp chain fits through the cage of your mech, use it, cheaper and lasts longer. If it doesn’t, get a 9sp chain.

fugin leg-end thankyou, still interested about what people run on their 1x setup… should i now post this somewhere else?

This forum is so full of people who are helpful and full of share… whish my online uni was the same

Ratio wise, the 40 tooth up front should be good for the road. I ran a 39 tooth with 12-23 on the rear for a long time and it was pretty good. Now I have a 42/53 tooth up front and a bigish 13-26 cassette and it is great for me. Small ring at the front and mid-cassette is really comfy for cruisng around town.

But I would see how you go with what you have got and increase the range if you find that you are running out of gears.

totaly AT THE Mo’ its great i have achieved some sort of balance, the frame is perfect the wheels are good and the range does the mountians where i live and the city, but i wanna do some longish riding 100km plus and think i would need some more granny ratios.

The bike itsself is ugly but the geo,size, and the mabo is perfect.

Since I broke a Sram Double Tap shifter last week* I’ve switched to a 1x10 with a barcon shifter. 44T with a 27/12 cassette but I can’t use the 27T because the rear derailleur’s so shagged that it flexes into the spokes on the 27T. I’ll fix it properly when a good and cheap Ultegra or 105 derailleur comes up.

I’ll probably change the 44 to a 41T by the weekend.

And to everyone who doubts it but haven’t tried it themselves…barcons are the awesome.

*it spontaneously fell off

Yeah, I run a bar end shifter on Nitto moustache bars on my 1x6 set up on my Shogun. Love it.

Only dropped a chain once, and that was shifting when I was spinning coming down hill and about to go back up one, so it was my own stupid fault.

Edit: my chainring is 42t, no idea what the cassette is, but it’s a Suntour Winner I think.

I have a 48 front and 13-30 rear - 1 x 7 with a friction L/H barcon doing the do. No problems with an old long cage shimano. I had a short cage, that did change but wasn’t happy about it/ wouldn’t of lasted long.