2,865 bikes recovered from world's most prolific cycle thief!

Canadian police have caught the man believed to be the world’s most prolific bike thief, after they recovered 2,865 stolen bicycles from the owner of a Toronto bike shop.

Ever since Igor Kenk was arrested last month, some 15,000 Torontonians have visited the police station garage where his swag was taken, hoping to pick out their own bikes among the vast collection. A surprisingly large number of them have been lucky: Toronto police told the Guardian yesterday that so far about 500 people had been reunited with their bicycles.


Though Kenk’s motive is currently unclear, the New York Times reported that police believe he may have been playing the commodities markets, waiting for another spike in metal prices before melting down the bicycles.


Yeah that or…he’s a nutbag.

if he thought that was going to work he IS a nutbag.

unless the NY cops are taking the piss.

Maybe he thought ‘gaspipe’ meant the bikes were made of copper tubes?

That’s about the only way that a commodity spike would have worked for him.

On the other hand, the recent oil price spike has driven up the value of 2nd hand bikes…

Who knows, I reckon he’s got obsessive compulsive that, or just likes to be an asshole.

Well… a couple of people have waved this article in my face saying ‘This’ll be you’. Not the theft bit, just the hoarding lots of bikes. I looked at the photo and thought, well maybe, but we’ll need to move to a bigger place.
I hope lot’s of people found missing loved ones

There was a Geelong bloke who had a ridiculous number of bikes in his house. Apparently he would catch the train up to Melbourne and take a liberated bike home with him.

Soft, only 500 bikes…